Designed on the Menorca Island between 2013 and 2014, developed on Galicia and distilled in the middle of The Iberian Peninsula.

terrum botella tumbada

Craft Gin Brand, inspired by the story of a Botanist who disappeared at the Battle of Rande in 1702.

We follow the steps of the ancient Botanists, we work the raw material from its origin, selecting the best plants, so that they contribute the best and imbue the gin with character and personality.

«From tradition to innovation»

mapa batalla rande

The craft gin.

A gin distilled in a traditional copper still with 5 fresh botanicals macerated in high quality cereal spirit.


Juniper, Thyme, Rosemary, Sea Fennel and Lemon.

The base alcohol, which we use to distill Terrum, is made from wheat grain and is distilled 4 times, before being macerated with the botanicals of the gin and distilled again in a still.

terrum botella

In the craft and meticulous process of distillation, in a traditional copper still, we only keep the best of the heart, the purest distillate, discarding most of the heads and tails.


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